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interior designing

Interior Designing

Our outstanding craftsmanship, innovative designs, attention to detail and mindful consideration of our clients’ needs is seen throughout our interiors and the spaces we design. We appreciate luxury interiors that are bold, unique, and remarkably curated. Client-centric and site-specific, classically current spaces are perfect reflections of our clients’ personalities and joys.


Civil Engineering

Our teams work passionately to create environments that drive inspiration and transcend expectations, while ensuring that the design, construction alterations, maintenance of a space is all undertaken by expert professionals and executed to perfection! Our team has the experience of working with over 50 clients and provides exceptional support!


Furniture & Fixture

We ideate, design and create the furniture and fixture we use in our wearhouse, reducing our dependability on other vendors, increasing our control on quality and deliverable time of such furniture and fixture. And of course, each piece we create is ideated and created especially for a space!

electrical work

Electrical Work

Our maps and drawings also map electrical grids, power backups, etc. to avoid any disaster. Our maps and drawings project the wiring points via concrete structure up to the wall where switches would be placed.


Plumbing and Fire

Safety is a priority for modern buildings; we ensure that while mapping and planning the interior of a building, we also map the safety equipment in the building. Our design drawings include internal plumbing drawings and external plumbing drawings that clearly resonates with the requirements of your building.


Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning

The HVAC system in any structure is responsible for the health and well-being of the occupants of that building. A properly designed and efficient HVAC system can save you heating and cooling costs, as well - which is why, we have our expert and trusted team for this as well!

power supply

Uninterrupted Power Supply

public system

Public Adressable System

public system


One Stop Solution for all your Interior designing requirements!

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